Summer rains dominate the seasons, usually lasting from November through to the end of March, and bring relief after months of drought. Rainfall frequently occurs in brief but heavy afternoon downpours and dramatic thunderstorms. Daytime temperatures can range for 25°C to the high 30s, even 40s in low lying areas. Night-time temperatures drop to 15-20°C.

Winter, between May and August, brings slightly lower average daytime temperatures, with little if any rain. Night-time temperatures can drop below freezing, especially in the west of the country, something the traveller should remember! Before the onset of the rains, during September and October, hot dry daytime temperatures dominate.

It is advisable to travel with light-weight clothing, something warmer for the evenings (certainly a fleece during winter – May, June and July) and a light rain-coat for the rainy season (mid November to the end of March), when torrential thunderstorms can be common.

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